May - A Wescottage Month in Review

I know it's July, but there were some events in May that were too monumental not to share! 

May was one of the most full months.  For the full Wescott family, performances consisted of:

  • 6 Weddings
  • 1 Graduation
  • 1 Junior Youth Orchestra [JYO] Performance
    • Our sister, Marianna, performed in the second violin section and we all proudly watched and cheered her on!
  • Western Regionals for Marianna
  • JYO auditions for Marianna and Missy
    • Marianna made it to Principal 2nd Violin!
    • Missy is on the cello alternate list. We are still SO PROUD of her, and are excited that she will hopefully be in the orchestra next year!
  • 9 Student Recitals

We have been busy!

On top of performances, we enjoyed a beautiful vacation at North Myrtle Beach and celebrated two birthdays.

And now for the news everyone has been waiting for...

The first ever...

Wescottage Engagement!

Congratulations to Jason+Lauren!

Jason asked Jon to take photos of the big event. I was thrilled to be included in taking photos as well! Jason chose Colonel Francis Beatty Park in Matthews during our church picnic.

When Jason told Lauren he wasn't hungry and wanted to go on a walk, Lauren was suspicious and immediately lost her appetite.

Meanwhile, Jon and I sprinted towards the clubhouse and hid - cameras in hand, sweaty, and excited to see the proposal unfold!

It wasn't until after I scouted out the location that I realized there was an event underway in the clubhouse with a lot of people. We tried to avoid the windows so we weren't a distraction [it was a baby shower], but all of the people inside said they loved watching the proposal!

This was the moment we would talk about as little girls.

Engagement. The man we would marry. How would it happen? What would he look like?

Growing up, we would occasionally dream of walking down the aisle - only to be greeted by a man who never had a face. Did any of you other girls have dreams like that?

It was so frustrating! So close to seeing who he was, yet not enough to know.

Now we know.

Lauren is marrying Jason.

And we couldn't be happier! Jason has been a family friend for many years, and it has been a joy to see him and Lauren grow together. I met Jason many years ago around 5-6am in line at the community college to sign up for classes. Isn't it neat to see how God brings people together?

Jason makes Lauren happy. Really happy. He is the only one who is able to get her to play basketball [or any sport for that matter], or to enjoy dancing. Lauren has opened up so much because of Jason, and he's stretched her in many ways. It's so much fun to watch them interact, and to be a part of their relationship. Lauren, I always struggled in picking out a guy for you [because that's what good sisters do :)] - I'm so glad I didn't try too hard because God did an AMAZING job in preparing Jason for you.

Here is the whole family after the engagement! It was also special to see our church family rejoicing with them!

For the first time ever, we are on the other side of wedding planning! And let me tell you. IT IS A BLAST.

To see more photos from the day, visit Jon's blog post of their engagement HERE.

All of the engagement photos are from Jon Courville Photography.

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